Day 253 Swords of Iron – Legitimate or Illegitimate?

Chaim starts the video by welcoming his viewers to the Middle East. He says that his family lives in the Galilee and has a front-row seat to the escalating attacks by Hezbollah. Chaim points out that this is an Iranian-backed and funded terrorist group firing weapons into civilian towns all over the north of Israel.

Chaim says that Hezbollah is allied with Hamas and several other Iranian-backed terrorist groups all over the Middle East who have attacked Israel in recent months, and now they’re opening the door to a much bigger direct conflict with Israel.

Chaim asks where the non-Hezbollah people of Lebanon stand in all this. Are they prepared to see their country utterly destroyed in a war with Israel? Do they support Hezbollah’s attacks against Israeli civilian communities?

If not, then Chaim says they need to do something to stop the Iranian-sponsored hijacking of their country.

Chaim says he’s tired of foolishness and he wants some grown-ups to step up and fix this absurd situation whereby Hezbollah is being allowed to fire rockets that target children like his with impunity. He asks why the UN isn’t forcing Hezbollah to adhere to Security Council Resolution 1701, which was meant to prevent a Third Lebanon War. Chaim asks, rhetorically, if Israel is going to have to enter Lebanon and do billions of dollars worth of damage to the country and its infrastructure in order to put a stop to the threats Hezbollah is being allowed to make against Israel, as well as the risk of devastation it is posing to Lebanon.

Chaim says that since Hezbollah has elected officials in the Lebanese parliament and has otherwise infiltrated the infrastructure of the state, the state of Lebanon shares responsibility for the attacks Hezbollah is carrying out against Israel. He concludes by forcefully reminding the people of Lebenon that they have to make a choice to either rise up and deal with Hezbollah, or he and the rest of the IDF will come into Lebanon and deal with them.


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