Day 257 Swords of Iron – Called by God to defend Israel


Chaim starts by reminding his viewers that it’s been 8 months since he was called up to the IDF reserves to fight in this war, and he’s taking a moment to look back over that time period.

He’s reminded that the day after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th 2023, the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah began firing weapons into northern Israel in order to give the IDF a distraction. SInce then they’ve continued a steady stream of fire into Israel and there is now a serious threat that this could develop very quickly into a much bigger battle on Israel’s northern border. Hezbollah is much better equipped than Hamas is and they also have far more fighters. They’ve been massively reinforced by Iran, and this is continuing with Iran moving Shi’ite fighters from Pakistan and elsewhere into Syria so they can be part of the upcoming battle against Israel.

He then shows us a flashback to several months ago when he was part of a unit that investigated the Hanun hospital in Gaza and found a tunnel entrance as well as explosives and other weapons that Hamas had been storing to use against Israel.

He says that when he thinks about the sheet evil of Hamas using a hospital, or a school, or even private homes, for their terrorist purposes, it frightening to think that Hezbollah is even more diabolical and much more heavily armed.

Chaim then asks rhetorically what Israel ever did to attract the anger of these organizations, and others like the Houthis in Yemen.

He says that this terrorism against the innocent will not continue, because armed, trained and equipped men like him will go take care of these terrorists and prevent them from continuing.


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