Day 261 Swords of Iron – Beachfront


Chaim starts the video by stepping out the door of a house in Gaza that has pillars and other expensive ornaments, saying that he’s tired of people who don’t know what they’re talking about saying “poor Palestinians” and otherwise expressing sympathy for them on false pretenses.

He also calls attention to the other nice things that Palestinians in Gaza had access to, such as waterparks, swimming pools, and some of the nicest beaches in the world. He says that all of this wasn’t enough for some, as hatred and violence and terrorism filled their hearts and motivated them to lash out at Israel. But, he says, now he and the rest of the IDF are going to put a stop to their terrorism.

He also shows video of the massive amount of humanitarian aid that is flooding into the Gaza Strip, despite all the talk about “famine” and privation there. He shows a video of the American built pier which wasn’t being used when he was there, and he wonders aloud if it’s all political theater, since this pier isn’t actually doing much to deliver supplies to the Gaza Strip.

He stands in front of a banner which says “Together we will win” in Hebrew and he gives some reasons why he believes that’s true. He talks about the imminent victory over Hamas, as their supply of weapons and ammunition coming in through smuggling tunnels from Egypt has been cut off and the IDF has them surrounded.

He says the next order of business is to look north at the threats to Israel from Hezbollah and, further afield, Iran. He asks some hypothetical questions about the nuclear threat from Iran and how it can and will be thwarted. But in conclusion, he simply says that if Israel and all those who stand with her continue in unity, they WILL have the ultimate victory.


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