ARC Mini Blog for Day 271 Swords of Iron – On High Alert


Chaim starts the video by saying that it’s day 271 of this war and he’s been doing a video update every day of this war. He says he hopes that his viewers are sharing the videos because it’s so important to try and get the truth out since there are so many lies and distortions being spread about Israel and what’s going on.

He gives as an example a stabbing attack that happened in broad daylight at a shopping mall in Karmiel, a town in northern Israel not too far from where Chaim lives in the Galilee. The two young soldiers who were stabbed were able to fight back and killed their attacker, but one of these soldiers later succumbed to his wounds and died.

Chaim says this is why it’s necessary for soldiers to always carry their weapon with them, even when they’re off duty.

Chaim says that people often ask him how much longer this war will continue, and how much longer reserve soldiers like him will have to be on active duty in the IDF. He says he doesn’t know but he says that he DOES know that the Bible says we are to ask for enough strength, courage, fortitude and resources for today. The Biblical method is to take things one day at a time, one step at a time.

In this context, Chaim quotes Matthew 6:11; ‘Give us this day our daily bread.

He also says that some estimates are that it will take years for the Hamas tunnels to be completely cleared. He compares Hamas to ISIS at the peak of its power, when there was a large international coalition battling them, but now it’s just the IDF, and Hamas has tunnels, which ISIS didn’t have.

He then mentions Hezbollah, saying he’s impressed (professionally) with the military force they’ve managed to build. But he is also saddened that they have talked themselves into believing that they can destroy Israel. He says that there is an intensifying battle on the northern front and that Hezbollah is continuing to fire large numbers of rockets, UAVs and missiles into Israel and that Israel must put a stop to this. He says that this includes assassinating individual Hezbollah leaders.

Chaim then says that he hopes the Hezbollah leaders understand that the Bible, which was written hundreds of years before the Quran, prophecies about the return of the Jewish people to Israel and that this is happening and will continue to happen. He says that the Aliyah Return Center has been part of this process and that will also continue and that the ARC will do more, not less, to further the plans and purposes of God.

He gives a quick rundown of the historical process that led to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and adds that all the terrible pogroms and attacks against Jews that have happened over the centuries and continue to happen can’t and won’t stop the plans and purposes of God.

He concludes the video with a scene from combat, where he uses a DeWalt cordless circular saw to clear some rubble from a street in Gaza so the vehicles can go through, and he thanks the donars who sent these tools to his unit.


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