Day 276 – Weekends when at home from the front

Chaim begins the video by declaring that little by little, the IDF is clearing Gaza of Hamas and destroying its capability to threaten Israel. He adds, however, that the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen are threatening to attack Saudi airports if the Kingdom dares to normalize relations with Israel. Apparently, the Houthis and their Iranian masters don’t want anyone trying to build a better future for the people in the Middle East, they’d rather everyone just continue down the path of hatred and violence that they’re most comfortable with.

Speaking of which, Chaim also thinks that the anti-Israel protesters on US university campuses need some new chants to replace “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and he makes some suggestions for them to consider.

He then proceeds to mention that Hezbollah has launched an attack on Mount Hermon, which he says they know is a very strategic spot for the IDF and for Israel in general. He says that it’s very important that Israel not lose any ground in either the north or the south, because there’s no unimportant ground in the Holy Land.

He adds that just a few hours before he filmed the video, he was lying in a ditch taking cover from incoming rockets. He says that most people living in the West have never experienced that. Israel continues to take hits from their enemies, but Israel is striking back hard.

However, he adds that the war with Hezbollah is inevitable and coming soon, unless a way can be found to persuade Hezbollah to back off and retreat north of the Litani River in Lebanon.

The scene then shifts to Chaim telling his viewers about what weekends at home away from the battle are like for him.

He describes wrapping things up on Friday afternoon, getting some tasty treats for the family, spending time with his congregation and then going home for Shabbat dinner. This includes reading Proverbs 31 over his wife and blessing his children, it also includes special foods like Challah bread and wine. Then they might go to a nature reserve to spend some time learning about the Land of Israel and then it’s home for a family-friendly movie. Later, Chaim meets with a mens group he’s part of, then wakes up early on Sunday to do a fitness workout and then be in the office by 0900.

Chaim concludes the video by asking his viewers to share in the comments section about their weekend routine.


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