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Great Favour in a Unique time for Israel

Oct 15, 2019 • By Chaim Malespin

In light of the new rise of horribleAntisemitismworldwide, it was so encouraging to be invited to the capital of our nation. and experience Israel's Archaeology Military Knesset Aliyah
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Chaim Malespin

Greetings, I’m Chaim. I’m the CoFounder and Operations Director of the Aliyah Return Center near the Sea of Galilee, northern Israel. *Graduate of IDC Herzliya B.A. Government, Diplomacy Strategy and History, *Master Sergeant IDF, serving currently in reserves, *Chairman of the Board at Aliyah Return Center Charity, *Partner in Isralandgo LTD Investment: developing the Galilee through foreign investment . In short, Zionism: Voluntourism, “Start Up Nation” Entrepreneurship, and raising “Shagririm” -Ambassadors Academy for Israel.

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