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Become God's Ambassador to Your Nation

Our ambassador discipleship programs will enable you to become effective representatives of Israel in your local communities. Our programs are focused on helping you become effective in sharing God's purposes for Israel and the nations as we near the coming of Messiah.

Become an Ambassador for Israel

Apply today and be sent out by your local church or Christian organization to be a forerunner on this Christian ‘birthright-like’ program. The Shagririm Academy is intended to help those who have a heart for God's purposes for Israel and desire to be effective ambassadors in their nation.


Discipleship Journey in Israel

Spend quality time in Israel! Learn from local believers as they teach Scripture from the Land of the Bible. There will be 4 weeks at the Jerusalem area, then you will be transferred up north to the Aliyah Return Center Jordan River (ARC JR) for the remaining 4 weeks. Both areas were places where Jesus ministered and taught His disciples.

71 Days 2 Hours
32 Minutes 6 Seconds

Holy Land Restoration Journey Tour with Chaim Malespin 2021

Discipleship Journey in Israel (DJI)  provides an opportunity for you to step into the Bible story! Join us as we celebrate Succot and Yom Kippur in the land of history! Our goal is that you connect with the people of the land, experience the Word-made-flesh, and enjoy the festive atmosphere while touring incredible locations.


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