Day 140


Chaim starts out by describing a recent mission he went on where he and his comrades discovered a large cache of weapons inside. He says this is no surprise as UNRWA employees took an active part in the October 7th, 2023 massacres of Israeli civilians.

But beyond that, Chaim wonders aloud what it says about a society when the schools are allowed to be used as weapons depots. He says that nearly every building he and his comrades have searched in Gaza has contained weapons, including many private homes, hospitals and schools.

He asks again what it says about a society where the sacrificing of children to the cause of killing someone else is celebrated. He says that everyone is talking about the rights of the Palestinian children and he says they ought to have the “right” to grow up and not be brainwashed to hate Jews and believe that the best thing that could happen to them in this life is to die in a battle against Israelis.

He says that Hamas must be uprooted and replaced in Gaza so that the children in this territory know that there’s something better for them then to be used as cannon fodder.He concludes by asking his viewers to pray that the next generation will know the Messiah, Who is the ONLY answer to all the hate.


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