Day 157

Chaim begins by mentioning that we are entering into the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. He says there are many Arabs and Muslim citizens of Israel who have the same rights as Israeli Jews. They serve in the courts, the police, and the government.

Chaim then asks his Muslim viewers to comment on the fact that during Ramadan, a time which is supposed to be devoted to prayer, introspection and self-improvement, there is always a sharp increase in violence and terrorism.

Chaim says that if Christmas were a time when Christians started going on a violent rampage against their non-Christian neighbors or Hanukkah was a time when Jews did that, everyone would agree that there’s something wrong with that behavior and that something needed to change.

Chaim says there seems to be a spiritual component to the problem, even before October 7th. He suggests that now is the best time to pray for the Arabs and Muslims in Israel, that they would have a revelation of Jesus love for them and desire to be in a relationship with them. He quotes Isaiah chapter 60, which talks about the day that will come when all the nations of the earth will have a choice to either bless or curse Israel, and they’ll be treated according to how they choose.

Chaim urges his viewers to pray that God’s plans and purposes for the children of Abraham, both Jewish and Arab, would be fulfilled.  It is NOT God’s plan that they should be at war with each other.

He asks that everyone watching the video pray that there will be an understanding that there can be something better for the future, not just war and more war.

The video ends with a montage of women from different countries declaring their support for the women of Israel.


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