Day 165

Chaim starts out by saying that he is on leave from the front lines and he and his comrades from the Ya’alom unit are going to have a little party to try and recharge their batteries. He is recording the video on the shores of the Sea of Galilee where many of the most important events in Jewish history took place and which is still a vitally important source of fresh water for the entire country.

He thanks his viewers for caring about the work of the Aliyah Return Center, for sharing the videos he makes every day and for supporting their efforts to care for those who have been forced to flee their homes near the war zones. He also thanks his viewers for supporting the ARC’s efforts to supply IDF soldiers with tactical gear they need to do their jobs. Of course, he also thanks his viewers for supporting the ARC’s core mission of welcoming new immigrants and helping them get started in their new lives in Israel.

In general, he thanks his viewers for supporting Israel during this incredibly difficult time, which is far from over.

He asks his viewers to like, the video, leave a comment, and subscribe to the channel. He then invites his viewers to take a look at a presentation of all the activities of the ARC throughout Israel.

It includes being a central distubution hub for humanitarian supplies that donors send to Israel. The ARC distributes these supplies to partner organizations and NGOs all over the country, but especially in the Galilee region. The ARC also gives needed supplies directly to the families of new immigrants. There is also a project to give needed assistance to lone soldiers who are serving in the IDF while their parents and siblings have not yet made Aliyah.

There are also projects to support Holocaust survivors, give free short-term housing to new immigrants along with job training, Hebrew language instruction classes, gift cards which can be redeemed at grocery stores, and much more.



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