Day 170

Chaim starts out by telling his viewers that he’s at the site of an ancient synagogue on Mount Arbel in northern Israel. Many scholars believe this is the mountain mentioned in Matthew 28. In the video, it is seen covered in mustard plants.

Chaim presents this scene to show his viewers what Israeli soldiers are fighting for.

He himself is going back to the IDF soon, but he’s still on a short break with his family. He says that while he’s on this break he’s staying abreast of diplomatic developments, including a possible breakthrough in negotiations to return Israeli hostages. THis includes a visit to the US by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and it also includes trips to Qatar by Israeli officials. It also includes a trip to Israel this week by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Some of the results of all this diplomatic activity includes an agreement by Israel to delay the incursion into Rafah, and also agreeing to a US plan which would hopefully lead to Hamas releasing some of the remaining hostages, but also the release of terrorists with blood on their hands from Israeli prisons.

There is also the possibility that Israel will agree to a long term cease-fire, among other things.

But in the meantime, the IDF eliminated a large number of Hamas terrorists and arrested hundreds more at the Shifa hospital in Gaza City in the last few days. This area was supposed to have been cleared of Hamas months ago, but a large number of them managed to get back into Gaza City, probably through tunnels from further south.

Chaim than gives a new spin on the notorious chant, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” by pointing out that the prophecy from Joshua 1:3-4 promises Israel sovereignty over all the real estate from the Euphrates River to the Red Sea.

Chaim then mentions the ISIS attack on a theater in Moscow, saying it’s an example of the growing instability in the world. He says that this war in Gaza is coming to a climax and it will have ripple effects all over the world and affect all people living in the world. He urges his viewers to decide which side they’re going to be on, to take a stand for truth and the Bible.


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