Day 174

Chaim starts the video by saying that he’s at home in the Galilee on a break from the IDF for some “R&R” but that doesn’t mean “rest and relaxation” it means “return and restoration.”

That’s what the Aliyah Return Center is all about, and Chaim has been hard at work during his break from the war, making sure the ARC has what it needs to keep doing what it does.

He then quotes Winston Churchill when he said “The British Government Had a Choice Between War and Shame, It Chose Shame, So It Shall Have It, and Also War.”

He asks his viewers to answer a question in the comments section about whether the Biden Administration in the US is trying to force Israel to agree to a ceasefire which will leave Hamas in power in Gaza and allow it to regroup, reorganize and plan future massacres of Israelis.

He then switches to commenting on the Northern arena, where a choice between war and shame appears to be offering itself to Israel.

But then he switches back to talking about President Biden and the incredibly difficult position he’s in, being under severe pressure from the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party to put pressure on Israel to capitulate to Hamas. He was initially very supportive of Israel’s war against Hamas, but as the months have dragged on and a quick victory hasn’t materialized, he’s  having trouble maintaining that support publicly.

Chaim wonders if telling the truth about what’s at stake might have been a smart political move, as it might have gained him some support from Evangelical voters who are not enthusiastic about voting for Donald Trump.

Chaim says that regardless of the political dynamics, we all need to be in prayer for the leaders of the US, Israel and whatever other countries are involved in what’s going on. We also need to be in prayer for ourselves, that we’ll continue to stand up for the truth and stand up for what’s right, even when it’s difficult.

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