Day 254 Swords of Iron – “Reim”

Chaim begins by telling his viewers that he is at Kibbutz Reim, which was one of the communities attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, 2023. He is walking through the kibbutz to bear witness to the horrors that occurred there, and he asks his viewers to continue praying for those who were kidnapped on that day and remain in captivity in Gaza. He also asks for continued prayers for the soldiers who are fighting in Gaza to destroy the threat from Hamas and retrieve the hostages who remain in captivity.

Chaim is walking through a field that contains markers for hundreds of people who were murdered on that site. Chaim says he was there shortly after October 7th and he saw fresh evidence of the atrocities there.

He reminds his viewers that Gaza is just five kilometers from this field, and on October 7th, the elite of the society from that side of the border including Hamas terrorists but also including many civilians, came through the border fence to carry out their program of slaughter and destruction.

Chaim points to the memorials, including recently planted trees, which have been placed in this area to commemorate those who were murdered, raped and destroyed on that awful day. He reminds his viewers that many of these people who were murdered were activists in the cause of peace and co-existence with the Palestinians. These people had organized events to bring the two populations together for friendly events like soccer tournaments and had also given them jobs in their homes and communities.

Chaim says he’s also a “peace activist” but he believes that the only way to have lasting peace is when God reigns in the hearts of all men, and until that day comes, the men and women of the free world need to stand strong against terrorism.


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