Making a Difference

At our Rimon Distribution Center, we are passionate about supporting immigrants and families in Israel. We provide essential household goods, like mattresses, completely free of charge. This is made possible through a fantastic collaboration with the Jewish Agency and the unwavering support of lovers and advocates of Israel like you! 🙌


Our team purchasing and distributing thermal clothes for the soldiers who are risking their lives to restore security to this land. 

Facing the Tragic Reality

These are trying times for Israel. The ongoing conflict is a stark reminder of the challenges we face. It’s more crucial than ever that we stand together, as we navigate these difficult circumstances. 🙏

Join Us in Making a Change

💙 Your support, both through prayer and financial assistance, can make a world of difference. It’s an opportunity to unite and stand with Israel. Your contributions to our Emergency Aid Initiative help us provide vital assistance to those affected by the current war. Let’s act together, making a lasting impact for our beloved homeland. 🇮🇱🤗


🔗 Together, we are stronger! 🤝


In times of crisis, it’s essential to stand together and make a difference. Chaim Malespin, CEO of the Aliyah Return Center, recently delivered almost $10,000 worth of food vouchers to the victims of terror and rocket fire. The Aliyah Return Center is an organization dedicated to aiding new immigrants, the poor, and those affected by the ongoing conflict in Israel.


Chaim’s commitment to helping those in need during these trying times is truly inspiring. As we continue our mission to provide support and aid to those affected, we invite you to join us in this critical effort. Your support can make a significant impact.


🙏 Stand with us and stand with Israel. Share this post, raise awareness, and contribute to our Emergency Aid Initiative. Together, we can make a difference during these challenging times. 🇮🇱



🌟 **Gifts of Hope in Tiberias and Beyond 🌟

Families who have endured the relentless hardships in the south due to the horrific attack by Hamas & barrage of rockets, have found refuge in Tiberias, along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. We stand with them during this challenging time, offering support and hope.

Not only are we helping those here in Tiberias, but we’re also sending gift cards to displaced families in the south. These acts of compassion are made possible through the support of generous individuals like you.

Join us in this mission through our #EmergencyAidInitiative and help us spread hope to those in need. Together, we make a difference. 💙 

#StandWithIsrael #EmergencyAidInitiative #UnityInAction #AliyahReturnCenter #SupportingImmigrants #IsraelStrong 🇮🇱

#EmergencyAidInitiative #StandWithIsrael #AliyahReturnCenter #SupportingThoseInNeed

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