Day 196 Swords of Iron- “Israel bombed Iran”

Chaim starts out the video by explaining that Israel has carried out an act of self-defense by striking Iran early Friday morning. The strike was very limited and directed against a military target, an air base in Isfahan. The attack was not on any of the nuclear facilities in that city, contrary to some reports that have appeared online.

The US is assessing that this was a small, minimal strike, but the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and the regular Iranian military is on high alert. Everyone appears to be holding their breath, wondering what will happen next.

Chaim also mentions that this is the 85th birthday of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khameni, so it’s kind of like a “happy birthday” to him.

But jokes aside, things have gotten VERY real, and it’s time to pray. Chaim asks his viewers to join him in praying for the situation, as the IDF ground offensive into Rafah is also imminent.

Chaim advises everyone to hug their loved ones and thank God for what they have, and he says that we’re still planning to celebrate Passover and that we know God is watching over us. He quotes Psalms 3:8; Salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing is upon Your people.


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