Day 161

Chaim starts out by declaring that these polarizing and also galvanizing times, giving stark choices between right and wrong, good and evil, and truth and lies.

He says that the symbols of these choices are showing up everywhere, even at the Oscars, where some celebrities wore a pin signaling their support for a cease-fire in Gaza while others wore a yellow ribbon signaling their support for Israeli hostages.

It’s becoming impossible to ignore what’s happening in the Holy Land.

Chaim says it’s a time of heroes and it WILL end in good triumphing over evil. There is currently an intensification of this battle, with the last holdouts of Hamas holed up in Rafah and the IDF preparing to go in and finish them off. US President Joe Biden has more or less given a green light for Israel to finish the job.

Chaim also mentions the ongoing defensive operations in Judea and Samaria, a front in this war that seldom gets talked about but which is vitally important.

Then Chaim mentions the situation in the north, where a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah could break out at any time. There is a report in a Lebanese newspaper that Israel has given a deadline of 15 March for Hezbollah to either withdraw north of the Litani River or be pushed back there by the IDF.

The same report says that diplomatic sources are saying that Hezbollah is forcing Israel’s hand and making it necessary to take matters into its own hands on the border.

Chaim says that in any case, there’s a need to get very serious about praying into this situation, because there’s a spiritual battle going on as well as a kinetic one.


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