Day 182

Chaim starts by telling his viewers that the war to preserve Israel’s existance and future continues and he’s still there doing his part. He says that it’s not just any battle, but an existential battle for Israel’s very existance.

He mentions that leave has been cancelled for all IDF reservists. He was intending to fly to Holland for a series of meetings and conferences but he can’t now, so his relative Tim is going to be going in his place and the meetings will go forward as planned.

But he says that back in Israel, the IDF is on high alert and Israeli embassies around the world are as well. He says that the scenarios being practiced include massive barrages of incoming rockets, ballistinc missiles and UAV’s being fired at Israel from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and possibly even Iran itself.

He mentions that the new year according to the Hebrew calender starts on the following Monday night, as he’s recording this on Friday evening just before Shabbat. He also mentions that Passover is approaching, and he beleives that the New Year will bring something new for Israel and for the whole world.

In the meantime, Chaim asks his viewers to pray for protection for Israel and the Jewish people all over the world. He says that there is a spirit of death and destruction out there, but he asks for prayers that Israel will be a light in the darkness, and beacon of light and freedom for the whole world.

He also asks for prayers for unity in Israel, he mentions that as Passover approaches we’re cleaning our houses out and he asks for prayer that we’d clean out all the negative thoughts and feelings we have towards each other.

He asks for prayers agains the lies and false accusations and slander that is being made against Israel and the Jewish people all over the world, including in high places of government.

He also makes and appeal for the Aliyah Return Center to have the resources they’ll need to help all the Jewish people around the world who are fleeing to Israel from the rising tide of global anti-Semitism. He asks for prayer for righteous defenders of the Jewish people, he asks for prayer for the IDF soldiers who are tired, to renew their strength.

He also asks for prayer against the plans of the many enemies Israel has, and for Israel to once again see the glorious days that are promised in the Bible.

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