February 1st 2024 – Day 117

Chaim starts the video by rhetorically asking his viewers what they think about a new deal designed to lead to the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza. He says he’s “so glad” to be a citizen of a country that cares so much about its hostages. He describes a vivid dream he had years ago concerning Gilad Schalit, an IDF soldier who was taken hostage by Hamas and held hostage for years until Israel agreed to release over 1,000 Palestinian security prisoners in exchange for him.

Hamas is reportedly demanding something similar in exchange for releasing these hostages.

Chaim next mentions Yihyah Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, who is reportedly hiding in a Hamas tunnel underneath Gaza. He was one of those security prisoners released in exchange for Gilad Schalit. He was in prison for murdering Palestinians he suspected of “collaborating” with Israel. Chaim concludes by saying this is typical of tyrannical regimes all over the world, and it’s wrong all over the world, and the IDF will continue to stand against this evil force in the world.

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