Day 195 Swords of Iron- “Burned”

Chaim begins the video by taking the viewers on a tour of an IDF base that was attacked on October 7th and has been left as a testament to the barbarity of that attack. Chaim shows rooms where people were burned alive during the attack.

Chaim says that he’s showing his viewers this because Israel is being accused of “genocide” when it is actually responding to a genocidal attack. Chaim talks about the history of the efforts to make genocide a crime against humanity and try those who participated in acts of genocide in international courts.

Chaim then gives some statistics about the population of Gaza and the Palestinian cities in Judea and Samaria, which have both greatly multiplied since 1948. There have been large injections of money to help the Palestinians, totaling $40 billion, and there have been many other ways in which Israel and many other countries has tried to help them. There has never been any kind of organized, deliberate attempt at mass murder against them.

So Chaim says that as Passover is approaching, it’s time to stand up and recognize that freedom is important. Chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” is wrong and it must be pushed back on.

Chaim concludes by once again inviting viewers to participate in the upcoming online Passover event at the Aliyah Return Center.

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