Chaim starts by cheering on the 10-nation coalition that has agreed to send naval units to the Red Sea region to protect international shipping from the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. He says that fighting is also continuing in the Gaza Strip but progress is being made. He urges his viewers to continue praying about the situation and expresses his incredulity that the Catholic Church is taking a stand against Israel in these circumstances.

He says that at the same time, the IDF is trying to contain the fighting on the northern border with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group. He laments the fact that so many ordinary and innocent people are being caught up in the violence, and he mentions that the IDF is helping these people when and where they can.

He also mentions the increasing violence in Sudan, which Iran and Hezbollah are helping to drive, and he wonders why so many people who are screaming about what Israel fighting a war of self-defense are ignoring this horrible situation in Sudan.

He also mentions that Iranian hacker groups have hit many Israeli websites, companies, and government agencies, but Israeli cyberwarriors were able to push these attacks back.

He also talks about all the anti-Semitic tropes and canards that are flying around the internet, including that “the Jews have too much power and want world domination.” He says this is an old fairy tale which has its origins in a forged Czarist Russian document from the late 18th century called “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” which has been thoroughly debunked by scholars and historians but nonetheless continues to decieve many people.

Another trope he mentions is that Jews are not loyal to anyone but other Jews. He says that this ludicrously absurd lie is proven false by all the ways Jews have helped build every country they were residents of, especially the United States.

Another trope he mentions is that “Jews are greedy” and love money too much. He says that this is actually an issue that every human being has to deal with and there’s examples of greedy, selfish people in every group. This is despite the fact that the Bible says in many passages that we shouldn’t love money too much.

He also mentions the trope that “the Jews killed Jesus” when in fact the Bible clearly says that the Roman soldiers are the ones who actually drove the nails into his hands and crucified Him, not to mention that the New Testament also explains why the Jews shouldn’t be blamed for this because it was all part of God’s plan.

Another trops Chaim mentions is that Jews use the blood of Christians in their religious ceremonies. This ridiculous lie has persisted for centuries, even though there are specific prohibitions against drinking the blood of even animals, much less humans, in the Torah.

Chaim also mentions Holocaust denial, which is so widespread. Chaim says that there’s a mountain of historical documentation, including photographs and records produced by the Nazis themselves. There are also still people alive today who were victims of the Holocaust and there are soldiers who liberated concentration camps and every other kind of evidence that one could imagine, but there are still people who deny the Holocaust actually happened.

Another trope is that “Israel doesn’t have a right to exist” or that Jews are not entitled to nationalism as other nations are. He mentions all the international conventions and UN votes and other things that led to the legal creation of the State of Israel in 1948, saying this gives Israel more legitimacy than many other countries which no one ever questions.

He urges his viewers to stand up and condemn these lies when they hear them, and he says that he and his comrades are fighting for truth and for peace. THey’re fighting to secure the borders of their country so the people of Israel can get on with their lives. But he’s also fighting so that the people in the surrounding countries can do the same.

To strengthen this point, Chaim quotes Isaiah 19:25; “whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, โ€œBlessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.โ€

He concludes with scenes from a funeral he attended of one of his fallen comrades recently, emphasizing the cost of this war for freedom and security.

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