Day 205 Swords of Iron – “Passover Humor”

Chaim starts the video by telling his viewers that he’s in southern Israel, and he asks his viewers to wish their Jewish friends a “Happy Passover” as we remember the hostages being held in Gaza.

But then he switches to a commentary on current events, starting with the anti-Israel protests rocking Ivy League universities in the US. Chaim sarcastically criticizes the protesters for being against “genocide” while cheering for an “intifada” which is a genocidal program.

He also sarcastically praises the protesters for their “diversity” as some of them support Hamas, others support ISIS, others support the Al Qassam Brigades and all of them completely forget that the Hamas atrocities of October 7th were the catalyst that began this war.

He goes on to express incredulity at the absurdity of the many things we’re seeing happen on these “elite” campuses and concludes by saying he hopes his viewers don’t think he’s being too cynical “but we either have to laugh or cry.”

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