Chaim starts the video by asking his viewers to pray for the evacuation of Rafah so that the IDF can go in and clean out the last of Hamas’ armed formations without hitting the civilian population. He mentions that there have also been rocket barrages fired at the norther of Israel from the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorist group. He says that some rockets hit Safed, not too far from his house.

He says that Hezbollah leader sheik Hassan Nasrallah is trying to offer a cease fire in the north in exchange for a cease fire in Gaza. But Iran’s top nuclear scientist is saying that Iran has everything it needs to build a nuclear weapon and it has already test-fired ballistic missiles, which would be used as delivery platforms for nuclear weapons.

Chaim also mentions the fighting between Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and the US Navy in the Red Sea. The American admiral in command of those forces says this is the heaviest exchange of fire the US Navy has been involved in since the 1980s, maybe even since the Second World War.

Chaim concludes by saying that the Aliyah Return Center is preparing to welcome many new Jewish immigrants who will soon be coming to Israel, fleeing anti-Semitism in other countries. He asks his viewers to be part of this work that God is doing in Israel today.

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