Day 193 of Swords of Iron- “Retaliation on Iran”

Chaim begins the video by telling his viewers that he’s recording in Jerusalem’s Old City, along the ancient walls where King David and the prophets walked. He says that Jerusalem is in the news all the time and it will continue to be in the news until the end of time.

He then starts talking about the drone and missile attack that Iran launched against Israel on Sunday morning. Everyone is wondering if Israel will respond militarily and if so, will the US or any of their other allies help us. The public statements made by many of the world’s governments indicate that they don’t want Israel to respond militarily and there are efforts underway to find diplomatic and economic means to punish Iran and deter it from launching any more such attacks.

But Chaim says there’s already been a substantial achievement as Israel was able, with the help of allies including the US, UK, France, and even Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to intercept almost all the weapons Iran fired at Israel.

Chaim goes on to say that this war against Persia has been going on for thousands of years and it is prophesied in Ezekial 38-39 to continue, even if Israel retaliates to this strike by utterly destroying Iran’s missile capacity. Israel needs to be strong and continue preparing for this war that’s coming.

Chaim then talks about the military capacity that Iran has. Some assessments rank it as the 14th strongest military in the world. It has hundreds of thousands of troops in the regular military as well as the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and Basij militia, which Iran claims numbers over 12 million. Chaim says that number is difficult to take seriously, but in any case, Iran also has large numbers of tanks, submarines, helicopters, and military aircraft.

That is just Iran’s organized military forces. That does not take into account the proxy forces that include Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, Shi’ite militias in Iraq and Syria, and of course what’s left of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group in the Gaza Strip.

But Chaim says that despite the military power Iran has to attack Israel with, Israel trusts in the Lord to protect us.

Chaim also mentions that the US and other allies are urging Israel to take the “win” of intercepting all those incoming weapons and not push forward with a retaliatory strike. But Chaim says that this really isn’t possible since Iran’s attack might have been thwarted but it doesn’t mean Iran wasn’t trying to do serious damage to Israel, and that effort requires a response. Chaim also mentions the Israeli-Beduin child who was wounded by shrapnel from one of the missiles that did get through.

He says that Iran made a big mistake, and they need to pay a big price so they will learn a lesson and won’t make a mistake like that again.

He concludes by reminding his viewers that the Aliyah Return Center continues to assist evacuated families who had to leave their homes near the hostile borders, and he asks his viewers to continue their generosity in supporting the ARC’s efforts to be a blessing in Israel.

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