Day 142


Chaim starts by mentioning that the International Criminal Court is demanding answers from the indigenous population of Judea, as to why they’re there now. He also mentions that the International Red Cross is not assisting Israel in making contact with the hostages that remain in Hamas’ clutches. He also mentions the recently released video of Shiti Bibas and her two sons being kidnapped, and he asks where this double standard comes from where Israel is expected to hold back from doing everything it can to rescue these hostages.

He says that this will include going into Rafah and doing the same thing to Hamas forces there as was done to them in other cities where they were hiding among the civilian population. He adds that together with the US, Egypt and other partners, Israel will do everything it can to minimize civilian casualties, but the hostages are the main priority.

He concludes by saying that it’s out of order for the ICJ and other institutions to have double standards for Israel and this is not the time to reward the Palestinians for the terrorist attacks Hamas carried out against Israel by giving them a state.

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