Day 167

Chaim starts the video by telling us that he’s home on leave from the war in Gaza, along with some of the other men in his unit. But the IDF continues to carry out operations in Gaza. He mentions the operation in the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, where a large number of terrorists have been eliminated and even more have been captured and interogated.

He then mentions the Jebaliyah refugee camp where another battle is ongoing. These places were believed to have been cleared of Hamas combatants, but some have infiltrated back in, probably through tunnels from areas further to the south.

It leads Chaim to ask questions about when this will end and what the end will look like. He draws courage and inspiration from the story of Esther in the Bible, which is the centerpiece of the upcoming Purim holiday.

In the time of Esther, as today, there are “plots against the king” but in this day it’s not the king of an earthly empire, but rather the throne of David, which is in Jerusalem.

These plots to destroy Israel are coming from many directions and many groups are involved in these plots, including Hamas and Hezbollah, Jabat al Nusra, ISIS, the Taliban and of course Iran.

But these plots will all fail, because that’s what demonically inspired plots agains the plans and purposes of Almighty God do, they fail.

In the book of Esther, we see that Esther asks her friends to pray and fast for her so that when she goes before the king she will find favor with him, and she can do what she has to do to fulfill her part in the plan to save the Jews from destruction at the hands of Haman.

Chaim takes this moment to thank his viewers for being like Esther, sharing the truth and otherwise foiling the plots of modern-day Hamans.

He concludes by declaring that at the Aliyah Return Center, we’re going to continue standing for the truth, for the Word of God and for the plans and purposes of God.


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