Chaim starts by talking about how he is preparing for the battle ahead by checking his equipment but he says sometimes he declines to take some of the things he could take because it’s more important to be nimble, and that means packing light. He reminds us of 1 Samuel 17:32-40, when David declined to take the armor of King Saul because it would only slow him down. Instead, David decided to trust in God and Chaim says we should all do the same.

He says that “the free world needs its moral compass back” because of the reaction to Hamas’ barbarous attacks being so mixed in many Western countries. There was condemnation but also equivocation and waffling in the statements by many officials, to say nothing of the demonstrations on many university campuses that actually SUPPORTED Hamas. This is despite recent statements by Hamas leaders and Palestinian activists saying that they intend to continue murdering Israelis.

But he says that the IDF isn’t letting these protests distract them, and they’re making progress in the plan to destroy Hamas and ensure that it can’t threaten Israel again.

He mentions the rescue of Ori Megidish and other victories in the campaign. He points out that Ori’s rescue came after her family earnestly prayed for her and he says this should strengthen our faith that God answers prayer. He admits that it’s coming at a cost, as IDF soldiers have been killed and wounded in action. He knows it could happen to him, but he believes God is watching over him.

He also mentions that Israel is allowing large volumes of humanitarian aid to enter the Strip every day. Hamas actually wants less to be allowed in because they want their people to be hungry and angry at Israel. But Egypt is also refusing to allow very many Palestinian refugees from the Strip to enter his territory, but there are a few with dual citizenship who are being allowed to leave through Egypt.

Chaim also mentions how the IDF told the people in Gaza City to go south to avoid the worst of the fighting that was about to happen, but Hamas tried to stop them so that they could be used as human shields. The IDF destroyed the roadblocks Hamas set up so the Gazan people could in fact move south, and many of them did.

He also mentions the fighting that has happened on Israel’s northern border, which is intense but not as high intensity as the fighting in Gaza.

He also says that there are lines being drawn and choices being made. He points out Bolivia, which has cut diplomatic ties with Israel over the war of self-defense Israel is fighting. Jordan has also recalled it’s ambassador to Israel and factions in Yemen have formally declared war on Israel and fired large missiles at Israel. The Arrow system was required to intercept them, and Chaim warns Iran that the Arrow can take care of any missiles they fire at Israel too.

He concludes by saying it’s time for the ancient strongholds to be breached. He urges his viewers to read Psalms 35 and to pray accordingly, to keep being a point of light in a darkening world.

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