February 11th 2024 – Day 127


Chaim starts by talking about some of the things we have in Israel that we sometimes take for granted, like being able to celebrate Biblical feasts including the Day of Atonement, Passover, and the weekly Sabbath. We also have a well-run education system, universities, and other social infrastructure.

He also mentions some other things that Israel has such as the rule of law and courts of justice that are a direct outworking of concepts that did not exist in the world before they were introduced by the Biblical writings.

Monotheism is another blessing the Bible brought to the world and with it the value and dignity of individual human life. The followers of Jesus brought other new teachings which spread to the whole world and led to the formation of what we know today as the free world. Chaim concludes by saying that we should all give thanks to this God who blessed us with these things.

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