ARC Mini Blog Day 198 Swords of Iron- “Octopus Arms”

Chaim begins the video by saying that he’s getting ready to return to the IDF and the war in Gaza after a short break. But before he goes back, he will be able to spend this Passover holiday with his family and the Aliyah Return Center community, both online and in person.

He invites the viewers to join him for this event.

Then he moves into talking about the many proxy militias that the Iranian regime has built and continues to support all over the Middle East. He mentions the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Khatib Hezbollah in Iraq and he could mention many others. He compares them to the tentacles of an Octopus, which can live on their own for awhile even after they’ve been cut off from the head.

Chaim says that these tentacles are also being struck, by Israel and perhaps by others in the region who also oppose Iran’s regional agenda.

Chaim mentions that all the major media outlets are speculating about what the future of Israel will be amidst all this chaos and upheaval, and Chaim affirms that the future is going to be wonderful for Israel. Just as in the days of the first Passover, when there was terrible chaos and upheaval in Egypt because of the Ten Plagues (and it can be assumed that this upheaval in Egypt affected the rest of the world) but God was protecting and watching over the Children of Israel, and making a way for them to make Aliyah to Israel, through the Red Sea and the desert and many other obstacles.

Chaim says that here in Israel, we’re going to celebrate Passover just like we do every year and we’re going to count the Omer just like we do every year, and we’re going to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness just like we do every year.

Despite what Iran is doing, despite what the protesters at universities in the US and Europe are doing, despite what lawyers at the ICC are doing, or whatever else anyone is doing, Israel is going to look to the Lord our God for His deliverance and HIs protection.


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