Day 216, Swords of Iron – “Freedom”

Chaim starts out by saying that Israelis love life, that’s why we build shelters to protect civilians from incoming rockets and other weapons. THe IDF also does everything it can to protect Palestinian civilians, even though Hamas deliberately puts them in harms way, hoping they’ll be killed so they can use that as a propaganda weapon against Israel.

He also mentions the deception that Hamas tried to pull this week by announcing that they had “agreed to a cease-fire” but what they say they agreed to wasn’t what Israel and the international mediators had agreed to. But many media outlets fell for it, reporting that Israel was going ahead with the Rafah operation despite Hamas having “agreed to a cease-fire.”

Chaim says that the Hamas tactics are having a lot of success at painting Israel as the aggressor and themselves as the victim because many global media outlets are actively trying to help Hamas in their deception.

Chaim talks about the trauma Israeli children have been experiencing, which will mark them for their whole lives, because of all the rocket attacks. He also mentions his disappointment with the Biden Administration in the US, putting a pause on deliveries of the weapons Israel needs to defend itself.

He says that now more than ever, it’s important to stand with Israel, ESPECIALLY if one cares about the Palestinians because Israel is helping the Palestinians more than any of the Arab countries or Hamas is helping them. The people of the free world must stand with Israel because Israel is the tip of the spear and if that tip crumbles and if freedom is overcome here, than it can be very quickly lost everywhere else.

He concludes by mentioning that soon we will be commemorating the fallen soldiers of Israel, including some personal friends of his, and he encourages his viewers to thank any veterans they know who have fought for their freedom.




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