Chaim starts out by lamenting the fact that although there is ample evidence to prove that the atrocities of October 7th took place and there is also ample evidence that Hamas has used its control of the Gaza Strip to build terrorist infrastructure like tunnels and weapons stockpiles in hospitals, mosques and schools, many people still refuse to believe it. He compares this to Holocaust denial, which is a growing phenomenon throughout the Western world, particularly among young people.

He reminds his viewers that Hamas is a registered terrorist organization that uses suicide bombers, rockets and many other means to attack civilians. He gives a personal testimony of an incident which occurred in 2000 when he said goodbye to his mother who was about to get on one bus while he got on another. A few moments later he heard an explosion and the driver said it sounded like a bus blew up, so Chaim got off the bus and ran back to see the bus he thought his mom was on had been blown up. He started looking through the wreckage and the bodies, looking for his mother, but then he realized he should try to call her and when he did she answered and told him she’d missed the bus. This terrorist attack was carried out by Hamas, and Chaim is still having to battle this organization 23 years later.

He goes on to say that in order to prevent such attacks Israel built a wall along the line between Israel and Judea and Samaria, where most of the suicide attackers were coming from, to better control and monitor traffic between these areas and Israeli cities.

But Chaim says the problem is not just physical control, it’s that Hamas thinks it’s still allowed in 2023 to do things like the Vandals and Vikings did back in the Middle Ages. But it’s NOT allowed to burn, pillage, murder and rape, and that’s why the IDF is fighting to put an end to this evil organization who thinks this is allowed in 2023.

He goes on to describe another front in the conflift in Jenin, where the IDF is battling Hamas but also street gangs like the Lions Den organization which have essentially kicked the Palestinian Authority security forces out of the city and gone on a rampage against both the Palestinian civilians who live there and nearby Israeli communities.

He also mentions the large numbers of Hamas gunmen who are surrendering to IDF forces, handing over their weapons and military equipment. Chaim says it’s necassary for light to win out over darkness, just like it’s recorded in the Books of the Macabbees, where the traditions of Hanukkah come from. Chaim is recording the video on the 8th night of Hanukkah so it’s a good time to remember that “we’re modern day Macabbes” shining the light to overcome the darkness.

He asks his viewers to join in making a sacrifice of praise to God for all His goodness and all He’s doing in the world today, through the IDF and Israel and through His Church, every single God fearing home, and Chaim asks his viewers to make a personal decision to re-dedicate their home, their family and their lives to God’s plans and purposes, reminding themselves that “I am a vessel of the King”!

And all of God’s people said…amen.

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