February 7th 2024 – Day 123

Chaim starts by reminding his viewers that there are still 136 hostages being held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He goes on to say that the picture on the ground in Gaza is much better for the IDF than the media is making it look. Hamas is being steadily attrited and degraded, their numbers dwindling and their supplies running out.

Despite calls for a cease-fire which would allow Hamas to avoid defeat, the IDF is continuing to hammer them, and there is strong backing for this by the US and several European countries.

Chaim also mentions the absurdity of the Palestinian “refugee” situation which is perpetuated for generations, even if a Palestinian moves to another country, becomes a citizen of that country, and has children who are born and grow up there. The UNRWA organization has proven to be completely irresponsible and incapable of finding a solution to this problem.

Chaim then moves on to a montage of the IDF soldiers who have received life-saving tactical equipment from the Aliyah Return Center. The video concludes with a TikTok video explaining Israel’s historical right to exist and defend itself.

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