Chaim starts by saying how good it is for him to have the opportunity to speak every day on these short videos and he invites his viewers to share their thoughts in the comments section.

Then he starts to talk about the massive number of terror tunnels he and his comrades are finding and destroying in Khan Younis, but they also recently found signs in one tunnel that there had recently been Israeli hostages living there. This is a hopeful sign that the hostages are still alive and can still be rescued.

Chaim briefly describes the rising tensions between Iran and Pakistan, who both have a problem with insurgencies that spill across their common borders. The situation on the border between Iran and Pakistan has the potential to be hugely consequential for the whole world.

At the same time, NATO announced large-scale drills this week involving 90,000 soldiers from several countries. These drills are meant to deter Russia from moving against Europe and they’re also meant to prepare the NATO armies for the possibility that Russia won’t be deterred but will instead try to invade.

Chaim then moves into the main topic of the video, anti-Semitism. He says that it didn’t start with the Holocaust in WWII, but there are examples of this demonic spirit which tries to annihilate the Jewish people going all the way back to the earliest records in the Bible.

This spirit never took a break, but followed the Jews everywhere they went, from Persia to Greece, all throughout the Roman Empire and into medieval Europe, with the Spanish Inquisition, and pogroms in several countries, notably including Russia and Ukraine.

After the Holocaust there was Holocaust denial which persisted in many countries, and of course when Israel was re-established in 1948 there was an immediate violent reaction from the Arab countries which persists to this day.

Chaim says this is all physical manifestations of spiritual warfare, and he’s even experienced it himself with all kinds of online harassment because of the videos he’s posting.

He also mentions the phenomenon of people saying that anti-Zionism is not necessarily anti-Semitism but he says this is a bogus argument. He gives an example of people saying they’re “pro-Palestinian” but when you ask them if they want to go to Syria, Jordan, or anywhere else Palestinians live in bad conditions because the governments of those countries refuse to allow them to live in better conditions, and try to do something about these situations, the answer is always no. These people are not really interested in helping the Palestinians, they’re only interested in hurting Israel.

Chaim concludes by asking his viewers to join him in praying into this spiritual battle with the spirit of Amalek that has been hunting the Jewish people for thousands of years and is still at work in the world today.

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