The video shows scenes from a press event Chaim recently participated in at Kibbutz Azza. The wreckage from the October 7th attacks on the kibbutz have been left mostly untouched, and there are posters put up commemorating the murder and kidnap victims on the buildings where they were targeted

Chaim and Dean Bye explain things they’re seeing, including the spot where a young child was burned alive and a Succa from the holiday which is still standing because the attack occurred on the last day of the Succot holiday and the residents never got a chance to take it down.

Chaim repeats that the IDF is standing in the gap and won’t let this happen again, and he also declares that we’re praying for the resurrection and restoration of the life that used to exist in this kibbutz and all the other communities that were attacked. He asks for his viewers to join him in praying for light to triumph over the darkness.

The scene shifts to Chaim walking beside former US Vice President Mike Pence explaining to him about some of the work he did clearing booby traps and other issues from the wreckage of Kfar Azza and other communities where his IDF unit was deployed in the days after the massacre.

Chaim then tells his viewers that its important for Mike Pence to visit the scene of this massacre because it’ll help draw attention to the fact that Israel and the IDF are defending the entire civilized world, not just Israel.

The scene then shifts to a ZAKA volunteer who was also part of the crew which entered the kibbutz shortly after the Hamas terrorists had been pushed out. He describes finding grizly scenes of horror including mutilated and abused bodies as well as booby-trapped bodies which had to be handled carefully lest there be further casualties.

The scene shifts once again to the press briefing Mike Pence gave at the conclusion of his tour of the kibbutz in which he said it “seals my determination” to be a voice for Israel and and advocate for the truth, as well as America’s support for Israel. He also says that he is convinced that America must project a more robust posture in the Middle East in order to deter the enemies of freedom and ensure a future for the free world.


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