Day 169

The video takes place amidst a Purim party at the Aliyah Return Center in the Galilee. Chaim is speaking with a young woman of Ethiopian descent who is attending the party in a costume that makes her look like Queen Esther from the Purim story found in the eponymous Book of Eshter.

She tells him that her mother was pregnent with her when she came to Israel on an IDF C-130 transport plane during Operation Solomon in 1991. They talk about their respective Aliyah experiences and discuss writing books to document it.

The scene then shifts to the Purim party that the ARC is putting on for the community. Chaim explains that it’s being done in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigrant Absorbtion and other groups who are part of the network.

Chaim says this party is meant to celebrate modern day Esthers and Mordechais who are doing various things, including just showing up, to save the people and nation of Israel just like the heros from the Book of Esther did.

He explains that the custom of dressing up in costumes is meant to signify the way God is acting in the Book of Esther but His presense is somewhat hidden and mysterious. God is not mentioned specifically in the Book of Esther, but His presense is obvious throughout the whole story.

Chaim points out that Queen Esther needed extraordinary courage to go before the king and tell him the truth about something that went against the grain of what was going on in the world at that time. This is something that is required in today’s world as well, and Chaim asks his viewers if they will follow Esther’s example of courage and stand up for truth in this wicked and perverse generation.

He then explains that the event the ARC is hosting is part of an effort to make the immigration of Jews to Israel a smooth transition from the lives they left behind to their new lives. He speaks to some of the children playing with the games and toys and asks them to tell a bit of their story.

THe scene then switches to a montage of the events occuring around the party, with people singing and dancing and eating and having fun.

Chaim wraps up the story of Esther by reminding his viewers that things got really dark and then suddenly it all turned around, and all the plans of the Enemy were turned back for the good of the Jewish people who he was trying to harm. He says that this same sequence of events are already happing here in Israel today, as the plans that the Enemy has to destroy these people though Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are about to be turned back on them and Israel will be saved.


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