February 4th 2024 – Day 120

Chaim begins by saying that although the situation in Israel is very difficult, there are glimmers of hope and even joy. One such glimmer is the awesome unity that has been displayed in the IDF and wider Israeli society in the face of this calamity.

He says that many, including Hezbollah General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah, have said that Israel is weak, like a spider web, and could be easily torn apart with just a little push. But circumstances are proving this to be wrong, as Israelis are one tribe, standing together against the darkness. Chaim says that other “tribes” throughout what was once called “the free world” need to come together in unity as well to stand together against the ever-increasing threats from the evil tribes that are already coming together, gathering their collective strength to menace the free world.

He says that he and his comrades in the IDF will continue destroying Hamas in the Gaza Strip in defense of our homeland. He says that the Jews are the indigenous people group in this country and that is being recognized this week by the opening of an “Indigenous Embassy” in Jerusalem. It was dedicated by a group of leaders from Indigenous Peoples groups in several different countries around the world.

Chaim quotes Joel 3:7, “Behold, I will raise them out of the place to which you have sold them, and will return your retaliation upon your own head.”

This is a reminder to those who would harm the Jewish People that there’s always a price to pay for this.


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