Day 211 Swords of Iron – “Stand for Truth”

The video starts out with Chaim being introduced by Doron Keidar, an Israeli influencer, who praises him for all the videos he’s put out informing people and pushing back against the lies that paint Israel as the aggressor in this war.

Chaim says that as we see university campuses around the world erupting in violent rioting and anti-Semitic demonstrations, it’s so important to stand up for the truth. Chaim quotes Goebells, the Nazi propaganda chief, who coined the phrase that “if a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth” and Chaim says that we can see this principle being applied by those pushing these lies about Israel “committing genocide” in Gaza and so on.

Doron says that this is evident in the different approaches being taken, that those who are protesting against Israel are clearly being narcissistic, drawing attention to themselves and virtue signalling despite not having any idea what they’re talking about.

Chaim says that this is the time to think about what your legacy will be. It’s trendy to be anti-Israel and bucking that trend can get a person “canceled” and otherwise punished by the populist throng, but it is in times when evil is raging that it’s most important to stand up for truth and righteousness. Chaim says that those who are protesting against Israel need to think what they would do if it was their country that was attacked.

He and Doron both ask people to pray for and otherwise support those who are on the front lines of this fight, standing up to protect the civilized world from barbarism and terror.

They also agree that it’s soldiers like them who will actually “Free Palestine” from Hamas.

Chaim laments the “strong delusion” that is spreading all over the world in this “time of lawlessness” and he entreats the viewers to stand up in this dark time and shine the light of truth.

Chaim then recollects about the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, which he participated in as a young draftee into the IDF, not really knowing what was going on. He said that he saw every Jewish person, including those who were buried there, removed from that territory and the infrastructure left in place. But the vision of Gaza becoming a prosperous, thriving Singapore of the Middle East didn’t come about like the Oslo Accords had envisioned, and instead it became a terrorist empire.

Chaim says the children of the Gaza Strip were indoctrinated into hating Jews and Israelis and he sees the same process going forward on these Western university campuses today.

He warns that we’re at a “tipping point” where we could lose entire countries because the young people in those countries are being indoctrinated into this absurd ideology.

Doron then gives some examples of arguments he’s had online with people who want to accuse Israel of “stealing” the land and so on, and he gives examples of how these deceitful arguments can be refuted simply by pointing to the historical record.

Chaim also speaks about the argument that Jews are “white colonizers” who disinherited the “people of color” who originally resided in this country. That narrative is also easily refuted by the historical record, by archeology, etc. He says that indigenous people in Hawaii, Alaska and many other places understand this, as well as the concept of “sacred lands”.

Chaim concludes by encouraging the viewers to pray for the indigenous Jewish People in the Land of Israel and to do whatever they can to help the Jewish people they might know in their community to make Aliyah. He says that the Jewish Agency predicts that over a million Jewish people from all over the world will be making Aliyah in the next few years. So Chaim encourages the viewers to get in touch with Jewish people in their own communities to see what can be done to help them.

He also mentions that there is a future prophecied in Isaiah 19 when there will be a “highway of peace” connecting Egypt, Israel, and Assyria and he encourages the viewers to pray into that.

He says that the way to peace is not through appeasement of bullies and terrorists, but by shutting them down and building something better.

Doron concludes the video by encouraging his viewers to follow Chaim and act on the truth that he’s putting out there.


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