Chaim begins by telling of the nine IDF soldiers who were killed in action on Tuesday, along with several others who were seriously wounded. It was a rough day for the IDF and for Chaim personally, as some of those killed were friends of his in the Ya’alom Combat Engineering Unit.

He says that they were killed when they were in the process of demolishing a large Hamas weapons manufacturing facility that the IDF recently discovered in an underground tunnel in central Gaza. He says that it appears that it was an accident that the explosives planted to demolish the rocket factory detonated prematurely, and that’s a tragedy, but this is why the IDF is in Gaza, to protect Israel from Hamas.

Chaim also mentions the intensifying hostilities on the northern border and he asks his viewers to pray into the situation, including by praying for all those who have been wounded in the fighting.

He also mentions that a spokesperson for ISIS has taken the highly unusual step of issuing a statement condemning Hamas for sacrificing the people of Gaza for the sake of Iran. At the same time, street demonstrations in Western countries continue to be held supporting Hamas.

But Chaim acknowledges that these are very difficult times and he thanks his supporters for continuing to pray for him and his comrades.

He then says that this battle is primarily spiritual, that it’s all about “the throne of David” in Jerusalem. It’s all about control of this holy place that even the Hamas attackers of October 7th said was their ultimate goal.

He says that he intends to talk more about this issue in the days ahead but for now it’s enough to mention that Israel is the most free country in the Middle East, for everyone including Moslems. The lies that one hears about how Israel oppresses Moslems and other minorities is part of the spiritual battle surrounding Jerusalem. Chaim concludes by once again thanking his viewers for standing with Israel in prayer and asks them to continue praying for the soldiers, including himself, and for victory of light over the darkness.

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