Day 202 Swords of Iron- “Off the cliff”

Chaim starts by showing his viewers some of the debris from incoming Iranian ballistic missiles that were fired at Israel on April 14th, saying that whether or not one believes it was a Passover miracle that God protected Israel from that attack, it’s still an amazing event. He then tells a story about a mission he just returned from in which one of the vehicles his unit was traveling in hit a patch of loose gravel and rolled over. There were some minor injuries, but it could have been so much worse.

Chaim says he’s glad to be alive and glad to be part of this mission to protect the innocent and rescue the remaining Israeli hostages being held in Gaza. He says that during the time of Passover, there are many miracles to see and much work left to be completed. There are also many lies out there that need to be refuted, especially the one about how Israel is a colonialist state oppressing the indigenous Palestinians. This is flatly untrue and this lie is doing a lot of harm, so it needs to be pushed back against with the truth.

Chaim concludes the video by counting the Omer for day two.

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