Chaim greets his viewers as lovers of the Bible, Israel and God. He says he was asking God why there are always so many tests of stamina, strength, faith, etc. and he got an answer.

The answer he got was “what did you think it was going to be, a vacation”?

He goes on to say that soldiers train for battle and so do Believers. They train, and then one day they get sent to the battles, and that’s where we are now. He says that someday, we’ll get the vacation but for now we’re in the battle and we’re people who follow our commander, wherever He leads us.

He mentions the deterrence against Hezbollah in Lebanon provided by the deployment to the region of a US Ohio Class nuclear-powered submarine armed with a large number of cruise missiles.

He talks about the massive amount of weapons and equipment that Hamas had in Gaza that he and his comrades are finding and destroying so they can’t be used against Israel in the future. He talks about some of the challenges they’ve encountered including the network of terror tunnels Hamas built underneath Gaza City, and he says it’s an example of the different priorities and goals that Hamas has compared to Israel. Israel wants peace with its neighbors and for the Abraham Accords to continue to grow and for there to be economic prosperity for everyone in the region so that families can live in their own homes and prosper and enjoy life. But Hamas wants to build more terror tunnels, buy more weapons and generate more death and suffering.

Chaim also mentions that there are several communities in the north of Israel, near the Lebanese border, which have been evacuated because of the possibility of increased rocket fire from Hezbollah in Lebanon and possibly other Iranian-backed groups in Syria.

He mentions a quote that “you can either have change or comfort, you can’t have both” and he says that the IDF has managed to destroy some large terror tunnels under the Strip and thus reduced Hamas’ ability to threaten them. He says these soldiers are doing their best to make sure no innocent Palestinians are hurt, but that the Hamas fighters are doing everything they can to make sure as many Palestinians are killed and hurt as possible so there will be pressure on Israel to agree to a cease-fire before Hamas is destroyed.

He says that Israel must resist the pressure to stop fighting before the task of eliminating Hamas’ ability to threaten Israel has been completed.

He says that there are many people seeking God in Israel at this time and he warns that there is so much information being put out there, and much of it isn’t helpful. Much of it will cause people to doubt, to fear and to despair. But he reminds his viewers of Psalms 27:13-14; I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!

He then launches into an exhortation for his viewers to pray into the situation. He asks them to pray for victory for the righteous cause that the IDF is fighting for. He asks them to pray for protection for himself and his comrades, for innocent civilians both Israelis and Palestinians, and for the leadership of Israel to be strong and courageous.

He also prays for Jewish people around the world to be protected from a spirit of Amalek, which is rising up in these days to try and steal, kill and destroy the Jewish people and snatch them out of the hand of God. He also asks for prayers that Bible-Believing Christians would stand in the gap for righteousness. He asks for prayers for those who have been taken as hostages to be rescued. Finally, he thanks his viewers for the money they’ve sent that allowed the Aliyah Return Center to buy equipment soldiers needed to save their own lives and contribute to the team effort and he asks these viewers to continue speaking up for Israel “because it’s the right thing to do.”

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