Joshua Aaron begins his interview of Chaim by asking him what’s new. Chaim replies that he’s still on a break from the IDF at his home in the Galilee, but he’s on guard because of the general instability in the region. He is also hoping to host the Aliyah Return Center’s upcoming online Passover Seder.

Then Joshua asks Chaim to describe what happened the previous day when Iran launched over 300 projectiles at Israel. Chaim responds by telling him about the large number of mid-air interceptions that were visible over the Galilee. The incoming weapons were all intercepted outside Israeli air space, and Chaim shares some thoughts about the broader regional implications of the attack.

He also talks about the spiritual matters related to this attack, how this is not just a battle between nations but between principalities in the spiritual realm.

He also speaks about the practical matter of how much damage these missiles could have done if they’d penetrated Israel’s defensive system. But there was a miracle, God using the IDF and the air defense system, along with allies like the US, UK, France, Jordan and others, and all the incoming missiles and drones were intercepted and did no harm.

Chaim says there have been many “micro-miracles” in addition to this “macro-miracle” and we need to keep praying for big and small miracles because this isn’t over yet. But when this attack was over and everyone saw that we were still intact, we gave thanks to God for this miraculous deliverance.

Joshua says he and some others were leading prayer meetings for Israel as he is in the US at the moment, and Chaim encourages the viewers to get out and pray in public in places where it’s legal to do so. Don’t be silent at this time.

He also encourages viewers to be in contact with their elected representatives to let them know that the voters expect them to stand with Israel at this time.

Chaim also reminds the viewers that as big and scary as this barrage of missiles from Iran was, it was a tiny fraction of what Iran and Hezbollah (not to mention others including the Houthis in Yemen) have that they can throw at Israel.

Chaim encourages the viewers to continue praying because it’s not just Israel that’s in danger, the fate of the entire free world is on the line. If terrorists are emboldened by their ability to intimidate Israel, they’ll be emboldened to continue and attack other countries.

Chaim also mentions the large increase in Jewish people all over the world expressing interest in making Aliyah to Israel. He says the charity he runs, the Aliyah Return Center, is looking for ways they can help be part of accommodating this large influx that’s coming. Chaim says he hopes the viewers will want to be part of this.

Joshua and Chaim conclude the video by talking about the prophetic significance of Gentile Believers standing with Israel and agree in hoping the viewers will want to join in upcoming events meant to facilitate this, specifically a Feast of Tabernacles event in Orlando, Florida.




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