Day 199 Swords of Iron – “Let my people go”

Chaim starts the video by showing his viewers a little bag of yeast that he found in his house that he will burn as part of his neighborhood’s traditional pre-Passover bonfire, where all the last-minute chametz gets destroyed.

He then speaks about the conditions in Israel as we prepare to celebrate Passover together, with military aircraft flying overhead constantly amidst the knowledge that Iran could strike at any time. There is also less immediate threats, including actions being taken by students at large universities in the US and Canada against Israel, including Columbia University in New York City, which has one of the largest Jewish Diaspora populations. There are also terrorist attacks right in the heart of Jerusalem, all coming against Israel in the same spirit of anti-Semitism which has been attacking Jews since ancient times.

Chaim says that every person in the free world has a responsibility to push back against this demonic spirit and protect the innocent.

The scene then shifts to Chaim visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, showing his viewers what it has become under Israeli stewardship. Chaim prays at the Wall for the freedom and redemption of Israel’s hostages in Gaza and for the redemption of the whole nation.

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