Day 197 Swords of Iron- “Israel VS Iran?”

Chaim starts out by saying he wants to talk about “love and hate” and he talks about the hostages that are still being held, who are loved by Israel. Then he mentions the large barrage of missiles and UAV’s fired at Israel from Iran last Sunday morning and he says that this did NOT make Israelis hate the Iranian people.

Jews have a long history with the land of Iran, and they recognize that the Iranian people and the regime are not the same. Many of the ordinary people hate the regime and have been very public and vocal about it.

Chaim mentions that before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, Israel and Iran were allies and trade partners. Today, Iran’s economy is in very bad shape because of the mismanagement of the regime, and they’re trying to blame Israel to distract their people and redirect their anger. They’re obsessed with destroying Israel, even though there’s no natural reason for there to be any kind of dispute between them.

Chaim says that the Iranian people are suffering under the curse of Genesis 12:3 because their regime is cursing Israel, and he appeals to them to reject the agenda of their cruel regime and bless the people of Israel instead. Chaim says he believes there will be a wonderful future of friendship between the people of Israel and the people of Iran in the future and he’s looking forward to being part of it.


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