Chaim opens the video at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where the pictures of all the remaining 138 hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza are being put up as prayers for their safe return are being said around the clock. Chaim holds up a book of Psalms that he opened at the Wall directly to Psalms 91 and he reads a few verses that feel particularly relevant to the present situation.

He thanks his viewers once again for standing with Israel in these difficult times, mentioning that it is the festival of Hanukkah and just like the Macabees which are commemorated by this festival, the IDF and the nation of Israel must stop the darkness which is threatening the whole world.

He goes back to quoting Psalms 91 and tells his viewers that these passages are not only relevant for Israel but for them as well. He asks his viewers to do their part by praying into the situation, shining a light for the Kingdom of God and never forgetting that the light dispels the darkness.

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