January 25th 2024 – Day 110

Chaim starts by saying he’s thinking of the IDF soldiers who were killed in action this week. In particular, he highlights one man, an Arab-Israeli Bedouin soldier named Achmed Abu Latif, from the tracker battalion. He was known for being outspoken in his support for the state of Israel and Chaim rhetorically asks why this would be, and he answers his own question by saying this man appreciated what a gift freedom is, and that’s a lesson which so many in the West have forgotten.

He also mentions the oft-discussed idea of a “two-state solution” which is absurd because Hamas clearly says it doesn’t want a Palestinian State, it just wants to destroy the Jewish people.

The proof if this, Chaim says, is in how much time, money, effort and energy Hamas invested in building a massive network of tunnels underneath the Gaza Strip in order to launch terrorist attacks against Israel. Chaim and his comrades are working hard to discover and destroy these tunnels.

Next Chaim mentions the Iranian-backed terrorist groups in Iraq who have begun to fire drones towards Israel and the US/UK military actions against the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist groups in Yemen.

He also mentions the protests against Hamas which have begun to be held in Gaza.

Next he rhetorically asks what his viewers are prepared to do to defend freedom, pointing to those who have come before and sacrificed so much for it. He also points out that freedom is a Judeo-Christian value derived from the Bible, and he points out that in Hebrews 11 there’s a Hall of Fame of faith and he declares “there’s still room there for you and me.”


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