Day 224 Swords of Iron – “Birds Eye View”

Chaim starts by wishing his viewers “Shabbat Shalom” and then tells them that his IDF unit, the “Ya’alom” combat engineers, are finding and destroying many tunnels in Rafah and throughout the Gaza Strip. But other tunnels are still being used by Hamas to re-enter areas that were cleared in earlier battles, and they also keep arming themselves with weapons that were hidden all over the place.

Chaim says the IDF must keep sharp and keep pushing and eventually Hamas will break.

He also mentions the revised casualty figures that have been released, which show that far fewer civilians have been killed in Gaza than has been widely believed.

He then shifts his focus to Iran, saying he’s taking a “birds eye view” of the situation with Iran being at the center of his focus.

He mentions the Islamic Revolution in Iran which started in 1979 and resulted in, among other things, the storming of the US embassy and the taking of American’s hostage for 444 days. This was the beginning of an unrelenting war by Iran against America which continues to this day, but the Americans don’t always pay much attention to this. But Israel can’t afford to ignore this situation even for one moment.

Chaim says that the Iranian war against the US and Israel is only one component of a larger effort by the Islamic fundamentalist movements around the world to get rid of the West and replace it with their own version of a globalist civilization based on Islam.

Chaim mentions that he’s sitting at a checkpoint in Rafah and that checkpoints and security is an unavoidable part of our modern world. He says he doesn’t want to point a finger and say why they’re necessary, but it’s absurd for the Palestinians to complain about them since the alternative is that they’d have no jobs, no money and no hope for anything better because Israel is the only country which is allowing them to come in and work.

He goes on to explain that since the beginning of the modern state of Israel in 1948 there has been one emergency after another in which Israel had to defend itself against attacks, and checkpoints are one way the Israelis found to manage this situation. He says it’s not about humiliating anyone, but it’s about keeping everyone safe.

He then declares that the Aliyah Return Center is a kind of checkpoint, where new immigrants stop on their way from their country of origin to their new life in their ancient homeland. This includes helping them to see within themselves if they have the determination to do what they’re going to have to do to become a productive citizen of Israel.

Part of that is teaching the new immigrants, if they don’t know already, about Leviticus 23 and all the Feasts of Israel or “moadim” (appointed times) that they will need to know about in order to integrate into the rhythm of life in Israel. Chaim says that Aliyah is a major part of God’s plan for the Jewish people and the entire human race, and that’s why the Enemy tries so hard to thwart this plan.

He concludes by counting the Omer for day 25.

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