Day 190 Swords of Iron- “Jordan River Crossing”

Chaim says he’s enjoying his leave from the front lines at home in the Galilee with his family. He’s reminded of the ministry of Yeshua, who was also a Galilean. He quotes the Gospel of John 8:34; Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin.

Chaim says that’s true for individuals but also for governments and nations.

He gives the example of the relationship between the US and Iran, recalling how after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, every US Administration recognized Iran as an enemy of the civilized world. But the Obama Administration changed this policy, attempting to appease the Ayatollah regime in Teheran, unfreezing billions of dollars worth of frozen assets Iran then used to arm and train its terrorist proxies.

Chaim says he thinks it’s possible that this war Israel is now fighting, which he personally has to risk his life fighting, is a partial result of some of those policies. He also speaks about the efforts to influence the American culture and educational system by Islamist groups, and he takes note of the change he can already see in the Biden Administration’s policies towards Israel, Iran, and the broader Middle East.

Chaim says the Iranian leaders aren’t stupid, they know how to play a long game and play the West. He compares this to the personal lives of ordinary people, saying that as soon as we lose connection to God, we lose our moral clarity. We can become slaves to sin and slaves to our passions. Chaim says that America is losing its Judeo-Christian foundations and it is drifting into a moral abyss where everyone is told to just do whatever works for them.

Chaim urges his viewers who are US citizens to use the freedom of speech they still have to rise up and speak out against this moral decay, pray in public, pray on capital hill, get involved and stand up for the truth.

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