Day 204 Swords of Iron – “Nadav Miracle”

Chaim starts the video by telling his viewers about a Passover miracle, that an IDF soldier named Major Nadav Serlin who was on a mission to raid a building and rescue wounded soldiers was hit by four bullets fired by Hamas terrorists. However, three of the bullets his his weapon and did not penetrate while another one hit his ceramic vest. This caused him a light wound, which he recovered from quickly and was able to return to the battle.

Chaim asks his viewers to let everyone know if they think this was a miracle by leaving a comment on the video.

Chaim also says that the Aliyah Return Center is honored to play its part in providing ceramic vests like the one that protected Major Serlin, as well as other protective gear, to IDF soldiers who need them.

Chaim also reminds his viewers that there are still 133 hostages remaining in Hamas captivity and the IDF will continue the mission to fighting to bring them home.

The scene then shifts to a video recently released by Hamas showing two of these hostages, 64-year-old Keith Siegel and 47-year-old Omri Miran.

The scene switches again to Chaim and his family standing in front of posters of the hostages and demanding they be released. This is followed by scenes of them praying for the hostages in front of the Western Wall, and then scenes of the anti-Israel demonstrations at US university campuses that are even being supported by elected officials. Chaim says a choice must be made and a stand must be taken for truth and righteousness in these dark and difficult times.

He concludes by counting day four of the Omer and invites his viewers to join the ARC in taking a stand for righteousness and the Bible.


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