Chaim begins by quoting Proverbs 30:5, Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

He then asks his viewers “do you trust in Him”? and then declares that “now is the time to do that.”

The scene shifts to Chaim and his comrades finding and destroying terror tunnels and other enemy infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. He says they will continue to destroy the enemy until it is safe for Israelis to return to their homes. But then he admits that there are still attacks even in central Israel, such as the ramming and stabbing attack Monday in the coastal city of Raanana which killed one Israeli and wounded several others.

He says that even the White House isn’t safe, citing a near-riot that occurred there recently in which anti-Israel demonstrators shook the perimeter fence and chanted “burn it down.”

He also mentioned the announced intention of South Africa to add the US and UK to their accusations against Israel for “genocide” by naming these countries as “accomplices to genocide.”

He then mentions a recent video of some of the Israeli hostages being held by Hamas in the Strip, and he concludes by asking his viewers to join him in praying for these hostages to be returned safely to their families.

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