Chaim starts by saying this is not “Shabbat shalom” but rather shabbat in the war. He mentions that Hezbollah attacks on Galilee, where his family is, are continuing to escalate and that he’s not sure he believes the reports that Iran will not attack Israel more directly.

Chaim says he doesn’t think Iran will stop making hostile moves against Israel and the West and there needs to be a stronger pushback against the regime which rules Iran than what has happened so far.

He adds a more hopeful note, saying that he and his comrades are making good progress taking control of the Gaza Strip away from Hamas. He says that this includes restoring order to hospitals and bringing in medical supplies there while ejecting Hamas terrorists from these hospitals, and finding the weapons and military supplies they hid there. Chaim asks why the UNRWA and other agencies which were meant to monitor life in Gaza didn’t notice that Hamas was using hospitals and schools for military purposes.

He says that the action is hot and heavy in Gaza City and he asks viewers to continue praying into the situation, saying “it’s business time” and he also mentions the efforts to try and make a deal for the release of hostages, possibly exchanging them for Hamas terrorists in Israeli prisons.

He thanks viewers who have contributed to the Aliyah Return Center’s efforts to buy tactical equipment like helmets, belts, body armor, and such for the Israeli soldiers. He then asks the question “what tactical equipment are YOU putting on” to fight the spiritual battles.

He talks abot the battles he and his comrades are fighting but also the demonstrators who are pro-Hamas and all the pressure they’re bringing on political leaders in the West to be against Israel.

He asks his viewers to pray for peace, and he says he and his fellow Israelis didn’t want this war and they’re fighting to restore peace and order.

He says “shabbat shalom CAN be spoken in Gaza” and he thinks there’s going to be a good future there and for all of us, but some hard work will need to be done before that happens.

He concludes by singing a short song of praise and asking God to bring peace on earth as it is in heaven.


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