Chaim begins welcoming his viewers to another “Aliyah Day” in Israel, which commemorates the effort to bring the Jewish people home to Israel from all around the world. It commemorates events going back to the Book of Joshua, when the Jordan River parted so the children of Israel could enter the Promised Land.

Aliyah Day is celebrated every year on the 10th day of the month of Nissan, according to the Hebrew calendar. This is also the first day of Spring and the start of the new year.

Aliyah has been a central theme of Jewish and modern Israeli history since the very beginning, and it’s still a vitally important part of the rhythm of life here. Jewish people make Aliyah for different reasons, sometimes fleeing persecution, sometimes just wanting to be more connected to the Jewish community.

Jews who make Aliyah join those who are already here to build a vibrant and beautiful society. There are many contributions to making the world a better place that Israelis can take pride in and there is a long list of Jewish and Israeli Nobel Prize winners and leaders in various fields.

Chaim reads the actual law on the books in Israel regarding Aliyah Day, which makes it specific that this day is meant to establish a diverse and vibrant society. Chaim also lists some of the events in Biblical history which were related to Aliyah, showing that it is both an ancient and a modern value.

Chaim also thanks those who are supporting the Aliyah Return Center in its goal of assisting in making the Aliyah process easier for those who take this important and prophetic journey.

He also invites his viewers to join the ARC for an upcoming online Passover Seder event, and the video concludes with Chaim inviting viewers to hit the “like” button and share the videos and also check out the ARC online store.



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